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Tazkara elevates your travel plans with bespoke packages combined with the best airline tickets, luxury accommodations, and exquisite cruises. Expertly handling visas, insurance, and private transfers, we ensure each journey is a seamless fusion of comfort, elegance, and unforgettable experiences..

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Based in the heart of Lebanon, Tazkara Travel isn’t just a travel agency; we’re your personal gateway to the world. Our mission? To transform travel from a mere trip to an unforgettable journey, tailored just for you. Whether you’re a corporate traveler or seeking leisure adventures, we turn your travel dreams into reality, offering peace of mind and unforgettable experiences..

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We bring you the joy of travel without the hassle !
With our Extraordinary Packages, Customizable Travel options and Dedicated Team, your flight will be much easier!.

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Airline Ticket
Fly with ease as Tazkara secures the best airline tickets for your journey. We find flights that align perfectly with your travel plans and preferences.
Hotel Accommodation
Rest in comfort with Tazkara's handpicked hotel accommodations. We ensure your stay is luxurious, convenient, and tailored to your taste and budget.
Visa Application
Navigate visa complexities smoothly with Tazkara's expert assistance. We provide guidance and support for all your visa requirements, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience..
Travel Insurance
Travel with peace of mind, knowing Tazkara has you covered. Our comprehensive travel insurance options protect you from unforeseen events and emergencies.

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Guided Tour
Explore destinations in-depth with Tazkara's guided tours and cruises. Experience the best of each locale with expert guides and exclusive cruise experiences.
Experience the elegance and adventure of the seas with Tazkara's curated cruise experiences. Our team selects the best routes and ships to ensure your voyage is nothing short of spectacular.
Private Transport
Travel in style and comfort with Tazkara's private transfer services. We provide reliable, luxurious transportation to and from your destinations.
Civil Marriage
Make your special day memorable with Tazkara's civil marriage arrangement services. We handle all details, ensuring a romantic and stress-free celebration.

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- Adelle Doumit

Because You Deserve the Best, we craft personalized experiences that prioritize your unique needs and preferences. As a renowned travel partner in Lebanon and beyond, Tazkara doesn’t just plan trips; we create journeys that are tailored specifically to you. Our flexibility and commitment to excellence transform every travel experience into a collection of cherished memories, uniquely yours.



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