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Tazkara elevates your travel plans with bespoke packages combined with the best airline tickets, luxury accommodations, and exquisite cruises. Expertly handling visas, insurance, and private transfers, we ensure each journey is a seamless fusion of comfort, elegance, and unforgettable experiences.

Adele Doumit


Through our dedicated team of professionals, we bring you the best deal to have your best journey!.

WHY choose us?

Extraordinary packages!

Because You Deserve the Best, we craft personalized experiences that prioritize your unique needs and preferences. As a renowned travel partner in Lebanon and beyond, Tazkara doesn’t just plan trips; we create journeys that are tailored specifically to you. Our flexibility and commitment to excellence transform every travel experience into a collection of cherished memories, uniquely yours..

  • Extraordinary Packages
  • Customized Travel
  • Dedicated Team